Four Dragons Game

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Four Dragons Game
They come. The dragons of the north, south, east, and west, fly down from Heaven to help the people. For the people suffer with no rain and the crops are withering and the cries to the Jade Emperor for help are met only with cruel laughter. But heroes come in many guises, and the noble dragons defy the Jade Emperor and bring forth rain to the people and return prosperity to the land. The cost is high, for the Jade Emperor of Heaven must be appeased...

In Four Dragons, players compete to be the dragon who summons the rains and saves the villages and the harvests. The game is one of trick-taking, but points are not what they seem, for points are scored only if specific combinations of cards are captured!

And for players who prefer not to count cards, the game requires that all cards played remain face-up - without taking away from the strategy of the game and thus making the game more competitive.

* 50 cards
* rules
* wooden disks